File in Multiple Countries Electronically

Filing in hundreds of countries in minutes is now possible through GlobalProtect®. Simply complete the on-line questionnaire and select the countries of interest and in minutes GlobalProtect® representatives will begin working on processing of your application. If we have any questions or need any clarification a GlobalProtect® representative will contact you.

GlobalProtect Map
GlobalProtect Map

“First-To-File” Countries Require Urgency

Don't wait to file in countries that follow the “first-to-file” rule. China, France, Germany, Japan and Spain are countries that follow “first-to-file”. Failing to file in such countries can be devastating for your business. If you fail to file first, you will lose all trademark rights to usage in that country.

CountryScan (trademark search)

If ordered, a GlobalProtect representative will perform advanced trademark searches in your desired country of registration to help eliminate obvious Likelihood of Confusion refusals.

GlobalProtect Map
GlobalProtect Map

Premium International Trademark Support

Friendly customer service is available when needed to answer any questions and is available Monday - Friday, 9AM - 5PM Pacific Standard Time.

Trademark Alert® Status Monitoring

Receive notifications when action is required on your international application.

GlobalProtect Map
GlobalProtect Map


Are you experiencing an infringement perpetrator causing issues in South Africa or China or Canada? We have the key list of powerful and proven infringement attorneys in our referral network who will fight for you so you can sleep easy. Contact your GlobalProtect® representative, let them know the country of issue and he or she will provide your referral information.

Don't wait until it's too late®