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What is LitigantScan?

A general trademark search might look as if you have a good chance in obtaining a particular trademark. However, a single word appearing in your trademark could trigger an opposition from a third party. With LitigantScan using our proprietary search algorithm, we will inform you of any historical attacks against a trademark that featured a word appearing in your mark to help avoid obvious oppositions and reduce risk.

Order The LitigantScan Report
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Get Detailed Reports For Every Word

Once you send your trademark to us, we’ll check to see if there are any claims with your specified words.

Get A PDF Report

With LitigantScan order you also get a PDF report that you can download and print with all the information from the original report.

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Opposition Risk Meter™

Get a personalized reading showcasing the probability that your words will be opposed because of trademark claims by companies that police words close you yours.

Check for potential conflicts, don’t wait!