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NOW ONLY$489+ gov fee

Complete our simple online QuickFile® petition request and leave the rest to us. We will transmit and file your petition.


Petition to Revive

Did your pending registration application recently go dead (within the past two months) unintentionally? We can help without having to restart the entire process all over again. The government only reviews petition to revive requests that were filed within two months from date of abandonment (mailing). Make sure you file fast, appropriately, provide all required information and don't wait!

We Guarantee Your Petition to Revive Request Gets Approved or Your Money-Back*

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your turnaround time?

We require 7 business days to review, complete and file your petition to revive request.

Why do I have to file a petition?

If you fail to respond to the government timely or fail to file a statement of use timely a petition to revive is required to proceed with the examination process.

Does the Government approve all petitions?

No. Make sure you file within two months from date of abandonment. The government fee is never refunded back.

How much is the Government fee?

The United States Patent & Trademark Office Petition Filing Fee is $150.

Don't wait until it's too late®