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Trademark Secured® Trust Mark
Monitor your trademarks in one easy place and notify the public of your claimed trademark protection. Increase customer confidence with OwnerVerified™.
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Trademark Secured

The Trust Mark

The USPTO won't provide you with a digital trust mark, we do! Place the Trademark Secured® trust mark prominently on your web site, so your competitors can clearly see you own such marks to help avoid infringement.

Notify the World of Your Trademarks

Businesses should notify the public of trademark claims to help reduce infringement. The Trademark Secured® trust mark does an amazing job of doing just that & more!

Notify the world of your trademarks
OwnerVerified + Trust Mark = Increase in Sales

OwnerVerified™ + Increased Trust = More Revenue4U

The OwnerVerified™ portion will display your company name on the Trademark Secured® trust mark page, to increase the confidence & trust of potential customers. An increase in customer trust in the digital world can be a huge increase in sales for your business!

Frequently Asked Questions
Trademark Secured®

How do I get Trademark Secured®?

The feature will automatically be unlocked in your account after: (1) filing a trademark or (2) signing up for Trademark Alert®.

How much does it cost?

Trademark Secured® is free for Trademarks411® and Trademark Alert® customers.

Why use Trademark Secured®?

Trademark owners should notify the public of trademark claims, Trademark Secured® is a great way to do that & more!

Where should I place the trust mark?

The Trademark Secured® trust mark should be placed somewhere prominently on your web site (e.g. upper right corner, lower right corner, in the header, or footer).