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Trademark Alert® Monitoring
Get notified if action is required for your trademark, set email alerts if someone files a similar trademark to yours.
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Trademark Monitoring

Trademark Status Monitoring

The USPTO won’t remind you to respond to your Office Action that requires a response or remind you to file your Statement of Use, we do. Don't be a victim to trademark abandonment.

Trademark Infringement Notifications

Why manually monitor for similar marks when you can get automatic Trademark Alerts® delivered directly to your inbox when similar trademarks are filed? Don't fall victim to trademark infringement.

Trademark Infringement Monitoring
Choose a Package That Works for You


15 Trademarks Per Account
Perfect for the business owner managing a smaller trademark portfolio.


Up to 50 Trademarks Per Account
Perfect for the attorney or business owner managing a larger trademark portfolio.
Features included in all plans above:
• Monitor your trademark status

• Office action reminders during the initial examination process

• Renewal reminders (first 10 years of registration)
• Statement of Use reminders

• Simply set a search term to monitor and get notified if someone files a similar trademark to yours