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Trademark Info
Mark: 87413121
Word Mark:


Serial Number: 87413121
Registration Number: Pending
Filing Date: April 16, 2017
Goods and Services: 009. Computer software and computer hardware for use in language localization, by means of language translation, subtitling, dubbing, closed captioning and teletext for feature films, television programs, videos and digital media in general; computer software and hardware for cloud based erp; computer software development tools; computer software for computer system and application development, deployment and management; computer software for application and database integration; computer software for authorising access to data bases; computer software for authorising access to databases; computer software for communicating with users of hand-held computers; computer software for creating searchable databases of information and data; computer software for document management; computer software for producing financial models; computer software for providing an on-line database in the field of transaction processing to upload transactional data, provide statistical analysis, and produce notifications and reports; computer software for the field of warehousing and distribution, to manage transactional data, provide statistical analysis, and produce notifications and reports; computer software for use as a spreadsheet; computer software for use in customer relationship management (crm); computer software for use in database management; computer software for wireless content delivery; computer software for erp that may be downloaded from a global computer network; computer software for full erp; computer software programs for spreadsheet management; computer software that assists computers in deploying parallel applications and performing parallel computations; computer software that provides real-time, integrated business management intelligence by combining information from various databases and presenting it in an easy-to-understand user interface; computer software to automate data warehousing; computer software to monitor and control factory manufacturing processes; computer software, namely, software development tools for the creation of mobile internet applications and client interfaces; computer software, namely, an application allowing sales and field service employees to update and receive data stored in an enterprise's computer databases in real time, using a mobile device, with full telephony integration with the telephone and/or software features of the mobile device; computer software, namely, electronic financial platform that accommodates multiple types of payment and debt transactions in an integrated mobile phone, pda, and web based environment; computer application software for mobile phones, namely, software for erp solutions; computer application software for erp, namely, software for inventory management, accounting, manufacturing, ie full erp; computer communications software to allow customers to access bank account information and transact bank business; computer database management software for use in personalizing the content of e-mail communications; computer e-commerce software to allow users to perform electronic business transactions via a global computer network; computer gaming software for gambling; computer hardware and computer software for retail inventory management, sold as a unit; computer hardware and software systems for cloud based erp; computer programs recorded on data media (software) designed for use in construction and automated manufacturing (cad/cam); computer search engine software; downloadable computer software for word processing; downloadable electronic data files and databases, namely, business and tax forms, for use with computer software; downloadable middleware for software application integration; electronic software updates, namely, downloadable computer software and associated data files for updating computer software in the fields of erp, provided via computer and communication networks; electronic equipment for point-of-sales (pos) systems, namely, point-of-sale terminals, bar code readers, optical readers, advertisement display monitors, keyboards, printers, scanners, radio transmitters, radio receivers, computer hardware, and computer operating software; industrial processed control software for generating computer readable markings for application to board lumber

International Class(es): 009
Current Filing Basis: 1(a)
Original Filing Basis: 1(a)
Type of Mark: Trademark
Law Office Assigned:
Register: Principal
Date of Status: April 19, 2017
Mark Drawing Code: 4000
Live/Dead Indicator: LIVE
Goods/Services Classification
International Class # Information
009 Status: Active
First Use Anywhere: 20150101
First Use in Commerce: 20160101
Additional Info
Owner: My
505 N Tustin Ave, Suite 206
Santa Ana CA 92705
Legal Entity Type: Corporation
Correspondent / Attorney: MY
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