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Trademark Info
Mark: 85793944
Serial Number: 85793944
Registration Number: 4431311
Registration Date: November 12, 2013
Filing Date: December 04, 2012
Goods and Services: 009. Apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images, namely, radio transmitters, audio cassette recorders or video tape recorders; blank magnetic data carriers; blank computer recording discs; data processing equipment, namely, data processors and computers; compact discs, video discs, digital video discs, phonographic records and audio tapes featuring musical sound and video recordings related to the entertainment industry; electronic publications, namely, books, magazines, manuals, featuring music, nightclubs, djs and entertainment recorded on cd-roms and downloadable musical sound recordings

035. Advertising agencies; business management; business development, namely, developing promotional campaigns for business; business administration consultation; marketing services, namely, market analysis, conducting business and market research surveys, market research, cooperative advertising and marketing, conducting marketing studies; advertising agency services provided over a global computer network or the internet; market analysis and research; sales promotion, namely, promoting the sale of goods and services of others through the distribution of printed material and contests; sale of advertising space, namely, agencies for the sale of advertising times and space and rental of advertising space; business information services relating to music, nightclubs, djs and entertainment; composing advertisements for use as web pages; compilation of advertisement for use as web pages on the internet

038. Broadcasting digital music from the internet; providing online and telecommunications facilities for real time interactive entertainment services via a designated television channel or website between and among users of computers and mobile phones

041. Entertainment in the nature of theatrical and musical floor shows provided at discotheques and nightclubs, djs, live musical groups, television comedy services, ethnic festival, live music concerts, discos; organizing of live events, namely, plays, festivals, sound recordings, disc jockey competitions, live audio and sound broadcasts and live concerts; scheduling and production of audio, visual and multimedia interactive programming for education and entertainment distributed over television, computer network systems, wide area networks and other electronic means of delivering audio/visual works; providing information relating to entertainment or education, namely, articles, write-ups, cd covers, information on clubs, night-clubs, bars, disc jockeys, music and entertainment magazines and trade journals, provided on-line from a computer database or the internet; providing non-downloadable playback of digital music from the internet; television entertainment services, namely, providing a television program in the field of music and entertainment via a global computer network; electronic publishing services, namely, publication of text and graphic works of others on cd-roms featuring music and entertainment; nightclubs

International Class(es): 009, 035, 038, 041
Current Filing Basis: 44(e)
Original Filing Basis: 1(b)
Published for Opposition: August 27, 2013
Registration Date: November 12, 2013
Type of Mark: Trademark, service mark
Law Office Assigned: L70
Register: Principal
Current Location: PETITIONS OFFICE
Current Status: REGISTERED
Date of Status: November 12, 2013
Mark Drawing Code: 2000
Logo Description: The mark consists of a solid rectangular design in the center surrounded by four adjacent rectangular designs.
Design Search Codes: 26.11.14, 26.11.16, 26.11.21
Live/Dead Indicator: LIVE
Goods/Services Classification
International Class # Information
009 Status: Active
First Use Anywhere: Date Not Available
First Use in Commerce: Date Not Available
035 Status: Active
First Use Anywhere: Date Not Available
First Use in Commerce: Date Not Available
038 Status: Active
First Use Anywhere: Date Not Available
First Use in Commerce: Date Not Available
041 Status: Active
First Use Anywhere: Date Not Available
First Use in Commerce: Date Not Available
Additional Info
Owner: Fabric Life Limited
Meridian House 62 Station Road, Chingford
E4 7BA London
Legal Entity Type: Other
Correspondent / Attorney: Bruce A. McDonald
Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP
1055 Thomas Jefferson St. NW, Ste. 400
Washington DC 20007
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