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Trademark Info
Mark: 85148257
Word Mark:


Serial Number: 85148257
Registration Number: 4122568
Registration Date: April 03, 2012
Filing Date: October 08, 2010
Goods and Services: 001. An ingredient blend of vitamin c, collagen, and mucopolysaccharides used in the manufacture of dietary supplements

005. Dietary supplements, and vitamin c, collagen, and mucopolysaccharides sold as an ingredient blend in dietary supplements

International Class(es): 001, 005
Current Filing Basis: 1(a)
Original Filing Basis: 1(b)
Published for Opposition: May 31, 2011
Registration Date: April 03, 2012
Type of Mark: Trademark
Law Office Assigned: L60
Register: Principal
Current Status: REGISTERED
Date of Status: April 03, 2012
Mark Drawing Code: 4000
Live/Dead Indicator: LIVE
Goods/Services Classification
International Class # Information
001 Status: Active
First Use Anywhere: 20110200
First Use in Commerce: 20110200
005 Status: Active
First Use Anywhere: 20110200
First Use in Commerce: 20110202
Additional Info
Translation of Words in Mark: The wording "TENDOFIT" has no meaning in a foreign language.
Owner: Bioiberica S.A.
Pl. Francesc Macia 7
08029 Barcelona
Legal Entity Type: Other
Correspondent / Attorney: Lawrence E. Abelman
Abelman Frayne & Schwab
10th Floor
666 Third Avenue
New York NY 10017
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