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Trademark Info
Mark: 77936653
Word Mark:


Serial Number: 77936653
Registration Number: 3930538
Registration Date: March 15, 2011
Filing Date: February 16, 2010
Goods and Services: 038. Telecommunication services, namely, providing online and telecommunication facilities for real-time interaction between and among users of computers, mobile and handheld computers, and wired and wireless communication devices, enabling individuals to send and receive messages via email, instant messaging or a website on the internet in the field of entertainment and educational themes directed to children

041. Educational and entertainment services, namely, ongoing television program featuring educational themes and entertainment directed to children, accessible by television, satellite, and computer networks

International Class(es): 038, 041
Current Filing Basis: 44(e)
Original Filing Basis: 1(b)
Published for Opposition: December 28, 2010
Registration Date: March 15, 2011
Type of Mark: Service mark
Law Office Assigned: M10
Register: Principal
Current Location: TMO LAW OFFICE 110
Date of Status: March 14, 2017
Mark Drawing Code: 3000
Logo Description: The mark consists of (a) a background of concentric circles, with an inner circle in white, fading into blue, with an outer circle of lighter blue; (b) a series of heart-shaped designs in red with some black trailing elements and light blue imposed on the inner white and fading white circles; (c) the word "mundo" in stylized lettering in light blue at the top of the mark; (d) the phrase in stylized lettering in light blue at the bottom of the mark, and (e) across the center of the mark, the letters "POCOYO" in white inside separate adjacent colored blocks as follows: a white "P" inside a red block, a white "O" inside a blue block, a white "C" inside a green block, a white "O" inside a purple block, a white "Y" inside an orange block and a white "O" inside a yellow block, with the blocks on a white background.
Design Search Codes: 02.11.01, 26.01.17, 26.13.14, 26.13.21
Live/Dead Indicator: LIVE
Goods/Services Classification
International Class # Information
038 Status: Active
First Use Anywhere: Date Not Available
First Use in Commerce: Date Not Available
041 Status: Active
First Use Anywhere: Date Not Available
First Use in Commerce: Date Not Available
Additional Info
Translation of Words in Mark: The English translation of "MUNDO" in the mark is "world". The term "POCOYO" has no meaning in a foreign language.
Owner: Zinkia Entertainment, S.A.
Infantas 27, planta 1
Madrid 28004
Legal Entity Type: Limited Liability Company
Correspondent / Attorney: Michael A. Lisi
Bridge Intellectual Properoty Services P
27332 WOODWARD AVE., STE. 200
ROYAL OAK, MI 48067-0900
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